Sunday, March 18, 2012

Best VFX Blogs to Keep You Informed

Here's a short list of the best visual effects blogs including my own; If you don't see your favorite on the list please comment below. It's always hard to narrow a list down.

1. Motionographer

Enjoy great in-depth discussions about film making and visual effects. Find a laundry list of tutorials and find out about upcoming events.

2. Video Copilot

Andrew Kramer posts regular news updates and his tips for visual effects artists.

3. Effects Corner by Scott Squires

Effects Corner has offered readers insights into the world of visual effects since 2005. Scott Squires is a director as well as a visual effects supervisor.

4. VFX Soldier

Read frank discussions about challenges the VFX industry is facing. As an anonymous writer the VFX Soldier is able to cover ground some would be hesitant to publish due to fear of being blacklisted.

5. FX Guide

Listen to podcasts, watch videos, read articles from VFX artists and industry insiders from around the globe.

6. The Digital Gypsy

Insight to the world of a global visual effects artist with rants tips for improving your career and the industry as a whole. 

7. The Art of VFX

Go here for interviews with various VFX industry insiders. This blog is authored by Vincent Frei president of the Swiss Visual Effects Association.

8. Computer Graphics World

Computer Graphics World offers practical tips and techniques from leading artists and authors in computer graphics.

9. DotMogo

DotMogo is a hub for UK motion graphics experts who  weigh in on the latest in industry trends.

10. VFX Success

VFX Success tips and commentary to help visual effects artists reach there full potential.  

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