Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Best VFX Twitter Feeds to Stay Informed

Check to see if you are following these VFX industry leaders. These Twitter feeds can dramatically increase your knowledge and effectiveness.

The Twitterverse is full of accounts with VFX in their titles that are only set up to spam you with useless information and products you don’t need. Guard your time by following only the best. This list will change frequently so be sure to check back from time to time and get the latest and greatest.

1. @vfxglobal

Follow VFX Global to get the latest news on happenings in the CG community.  What makes VFX Global interesting is they regularly re-tweet what others are talking about and aren’t afraid to give advice.

2. @motionographer

Follow Motionographer for the latest video shorts. See what the industry is talking about and see if you agree with the comments.

3. @neonmarg

Follow Neon Margarita for Jeff Heusser’s interesting writing on everything from the state of the VFX industry to events and commentary. 

4. @vivekkay

Follow Vivek a CG artist with creative ideas to make your work life even better.

5. @scott_squires

Follow Scott Squires for information on the VFX industry and his take on politics. 

6. @vfxsoldier

Follow VFX Soldier for straight talk about the VFX industry and it’s “race to the bottom”.  No punches held here.

7. @alba

Follow Eric Alba for awesome VFX links with a Brooklyn attitude.

8. @vfxhack

Follow VFX Hack for Andrew Orloff’s take on the industry as a VFX Supervisor.

9. @vfxjobs

Follow VFX Jobs for visual effects job openings in Southern California posted on Craigslist and other sites.

10. @daverandcom

Follow David Rand a VFX artist and passionate supporter of the VFX industry.

11. @vfxsuccess

Follow VFX Success for ideas to jump start your career and create a better industry for all.

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