Monday, March 12, 2012

Which Way Now for the VFX Industry?

Through meetings with visual effects practitioners and entertainment executives, it’s become clear the industry has not yet reached its potential. 

The visual effects industry is fast approaching a fork in the road. One direction continues along a path of outsourcing jobs overseas to the lowest bidder in an ever spiraling race to the bottom, another takes on a more challenging but necessary journey to replicate other entertainment industry groups reaping the rewards that come with a well defined association. The entire industry could benefit greatly by a frank open discussion about what the future needs to look like.

Don’t Call Me Your Employee!

The fact that most workers in the visual effects community don’t consider themselves “employees” per se only complicates matters worse. By referring to their positions as 1099ers, artists, entrepreneurs, practitioners or independent contractors, with any one of over 250 job titles or descriptions (see the Visual Effects Society Industry Credit Guidlines) companies are essentially released of responsibility. Something has to change.

Helping everyone in the VFX industry succeed will be the focus of this blog. Stay tuned. 

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