Monday, April 23, 2012

If You Were to Create a Bargaining Unit for Visual Effects Artists; What Would You Call It?

If You Were to Create a Bargaining Unit for Visual Effects Artists; What Would You Call It?

Here is a question posed to several visual effects artists and supervisors over the past several months. Their answers reveal there is not real consensus yet. It may be because of the myriad of employment relationships in the industry. Perhaps not enough time and effort had been given to the idea or maybe more artists need to put in their two cents. Here’s your chance.

What could be more important than choosing the right name?

A name projects an image; positive or negative. It’s up to the individual hearing the name to interpret that of course, but this shows why we must take great care when choosing a name that represents everyone in the group. A good name projects confidence, reliability, professionalism, perhaps even tradition or newness. Future as well as existing businesses, individuals, organizations and even politicians will ask themselves:

  • Do I want to align myself with this group?
  • Does the name create a positive image?
  • Is the name marketable?
  • Will it look good on a resume or as a sponsor?
  • Does it dominate an entire category?
  • Is the name easy to remember?
  • Is it easy to pronounce?
  • Is the name original?
  • Is the name clever?
  • Does the name have staying power?
  • Is it distinguishable from the competition?

These are some questions you might consider as you create a name to describe the group.

Here are some traditional terms used in naming groups of workers:

  • Artists
  • Alliance
  • Allied
  • Network
  • Affiliation
  • Employees
  • Media
  • Multimedia
  • Council
  • Guild
  • Union
  • League
  • United
  • Workers
  • General
  • Trade
  • Industry
  • Commonwealth
  • Association
  • Federation
  • Confederation
  • International
  • Independent
  • Amalgamated
  • Committee
  • Organization
  • Professional
  • Society
  • Fraternal

You might try a combination of the previous names with a specific description of the work performed or industry segment. Hopefully this will start the conversation. Reply with your thoughts.


  1. The Visual Effects Union. And after the mergers: The Global Visual Guild

  2. I like it! Thanks for the comment Dave!

  3. The VFX Guild. Simple, evocative, classy...

  4. Indeed! Classy is important for branding purposes.