Friday, May 11, 2012

Branding and the Successful VFX Career

If you were a brand what would it tell employers, clients or potential customers? Would it say you are reliable, trustworthy, among the top in your industry? What would your coworkers say your brand represents? You might ask them.

In today’s economy where companies are focused entirely on the bottom line and profit margins are said to be razor thin we need to be careful not to send mixed messages. We need to be on guard not to tarnish the value of our own personal brands.

One important aspect of branding is how visible you appear online. Are you on the top rated social networks? How active are you? More and more employers are turning to the web to research applicants on one or more of the most popular search engines. Make sure to update your profile photo and take down any information that isn’t consistent with the brand you wish to project.

Here’s a list of websites potential employers in the visual effects industry might use to conduct a search:
  1. Google

  1. Facebook

  1. LinkedIn

  1. Twitter

  1. YouTube

  1. Internet Movie Database

  1. Visual Effects Society

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