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154 Reasons Mitt Romney Lost the 2012 Presidential Election

There are reasons candidates win elections and there are reasons candidates lose elections (see list below). Mitt Romney lost this one. 

There are some great lessons to be learned here, so don’t discount the messenger or the message. Yes, money has a great deal to do with running a successful presidential campaign and God know Romney’s got money but it’s not everything. We’ve all seen the commercials. In the end, the candidates looked pretty much as we originally thought.
Come on... Admit it! You already knew who you were going to vote for in the beginning. All that campaign money and boring commercials didn’t make a bit of difference.....

Obama is a nice enough guy, he has a nice family, and even with the opposition fighting him at every step he managed to kill Osama Bin Laden. God bless him for that! A lot of people refused to credit him with that one.  They probably wished Bush had done it. We all wish Bush had done it! Why didn’t he? Makes you wonder doesn’t it?  That said Obama hasn’t accomplished much else other than healthcare reform. Soon my girlfriend will have health coverage. That will be a relief.  

Don’t you wish Bill Clinton was still in office? Those were the days.

Romney seems like a nice guy. Not so much nice as in approachable or having a conversation with him or anything like that. He probably wouldn’t give us the time of day. We’re working stiffs. He’s a multimillionaire. Would anyone with a $250,000,000.00 net worth?  Back in the 1980's there was this boss who owned a Ferrari. Does that count?
Anyway, Romney’s a family guy, it seems like he has accomplished some great things and made a name for himself. He has a pretty wife and his kids look like they were raised well. The story of him helping the sick kid with his final wishes really impressed us. That showed real character.  Still, would you want to work for him? He’s probably ruthless in the business world. No one makes that kind of money without playing hard ball. Some of those stories about hostile takeovers and firing workforces are true.

Why doesn’t he buy an island in the South Pacific and retire? Perhaps now he will.....

Here’s the list in order of importance. Pay attention 2016 presidential candidates!

1.            Occupy Wall Street
2.            War on Women
3.            Hispanic Voters
4.            African American Voters
5.            AARP Fight
6.            ObamaCare Victory
7.            Death of Osama Bin Laden
8.            Bill Clinton’s DNC Speech
9.            Auto Industry Bailout
10.          The Tea Party Movement
11.          Clint Eastwood’s Monologue  
12.          Horatio Alger Myth  
13.          Frightened Senior Citizens
14.          Todd Akin’s Rape Comments  
15.          Cayman Islands Account
16.          Mitch McConnell’s 2012 Goal
17.          Tax Cuts for the Rich
18.          Medicare Cuts
19.          Rafalca the Olympic Horse
20.          The 47% Comment
21.          The Middle Class
22.          Evangelicals
23.          Term “Welfare Queen”
24.          Not Mentioning Afghanistan
25.          Michael Savage’s Vitriol
26.          Tax Returns
27.          Corporate Greed
28.          Do-Nothing Congress
29.          Ann Coulter
30.          Gay Marriage
31.          Foreign Policy
32.          Abortion
33.          Malia and Sasha
34.          Right Wing Extremism
35.          YouTube
36.          Etch-a-Sketch Debacle
37.          Calling a US President a “Socialist”
38.          Climate Change Denial
39.          Arab Spring
40.          Sec of State Hillary Clinton
41.          Immigration Issue
42.          Bain Capital
43.          John McCain
44.          Seamus the Dog
45.          Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
46.          Muammar Gaddafi Death
47.          The 99%
48.          Too Negative
49.          Koch Brothers
50.          Term “Crony Capitalist”
51.          Phony Voter ID Laws
52.          Oil Company Ties 
53.          Opposition to Green Energy
54.          Support of Nuclear Energy
55.          American Dream of Home Ownership
56.          Sheldon Adelson
57.          End of Iraq War
58.          Sarah Palin
59.          Fox News
60.          Iran Sanctions
61.          Offshoring Jobs
62.          Chris Matthews
63.          Herman Cain’s 999 Plan
64.          Outsourcing
65.          George W. Bush
66.          Union Members
67.          Obama Effect (Stockpiling Weapons)
68.          Fuel Efficiency Standards
69.          Birther Conspiracy  
70.          Basketball Ability
71.          Housing Market Stabilization
72.          Gov. Scott Walker
73.          Veiled Racism
74.          Gulf Oil Spill
75.          Motor City Madman Ted Nugent
76.          Oprah Winfrey
77.          Seal Team 6
78.          Citizens United Decision
79.          Sen Larry Craig’s Wide Stance
80.          NRA Tweet after Massacre
81.          Facebook Sharing
82.          The 1%
83.          Ron Paul Snub
84.          Business Banking Regulations
85.          Mars Curiosity Rover
86.          George Clooney
87.          Small Donors
88.          Stiff Persona
89.          Libyan Attack Comments
90.          Donald Trump Endorsement
91.          “He’s Not One of Us” Argument
92.          24 Hr News Cycle
93.          “Thurston Howell Romney” Moniker
94.          GOP Israel Skinny Dip
95.          Hong Kong Fundraiser
96.          Romney’s Olympic Security Critique
97.          Carl Rove
98.          Super PAC’s
99.          Michele Bachmann
100.        Term “Death Panel”
101.        Offshore Accounts
102.        Newt Gingrich
103.        Angry Looking
104.        Netanyahu
105.        Reverse Military Cuts
106.        House Speaker John Boehner
107.        Support of Coal Industry
108.        Union Members
109.        Rush Limbaugh
110.        Corporate Greed
111.        EPA Regulations
112.        Teachers
113.        Doctored Pledge of Allegiance Photo
114.        “I Love to Fire People”
115.        Stimulus Plan
116.        Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner
117.        Cash for Clunkers
118.        War on Women
119.        “We Built It” Slogan
120.        Campaign Infighting
121.        No Specifics
122.        Term “Marxist”
123.        Media Bias Claim
124.        Bill O’Reilly
125.        Saturday Night Live
126.        Fair and Balanced
127.        Stock Market Recovery
128.        Al Franken
129.        Robert Reich
130.        Voter Suppression Act
131.        Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.
131.        Term “Appeasement”
132.        Day One Promises
133.        The Norquist Pledge
134.        Nathan Sproul
135.        WI Collective Bargaining Law
136.        Cato Institute
137.        Anti-Mormon Bias
138.        Free Enterprise System
139.        Hugh Hewitt’s Book
140.        Bush’s Record
141.        Atheist Ayn Rand
142.        School Vouchers
143.        Romney’s Car Elevator
144.        Offshore Drilling
145.        Ann’s Couple of Cadillac’s
146.        Insult Government Workers  
147.        "Anyone Can Beat Obama" Mantra
148.        Comparing Obama to Jimmy Carter
149.        Likeability Factor
150.        Unpatriotic Language (Size of US Govt)
151.        Conservative Doctrine
152.        Michele vs. Ann
153.        Cheerleading Fall of US Economy
154.        Buyer’s Remorse
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  1. Good Post, can't get to cocky though! GOTV is key.